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SortPatte is an application that demonstrate the use of design patterns such as Decorator, Observer, Strategy, Template Method by solving a real time problem.


SortPatte provides possible solution of problem using following design patterns:
  • Decorator Pattern
  • Observer Pattern
  • Strategy Pattern
  • Template Method

Problem Statement:

The user enters 10 random integers each within the range 0 – 25. These integers are depicted in two bar charts i.e. one vertical and the other horizontal. The bar charts should be synchronized with the values input by the user. As soon as the user updates the values of these 10 integers, the bar charts should be refreshed immediately to reflect this change.

The user then sorts these 10 integers using either bubble sort or insertion sort. The sorted list is depicted in the form of a vertical bar chart with numbers in ascending order. To adorn the output, the user can frame the vertical bar chart and/or add labels on the bars.

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